Primal Diet Food List For The Modern Man

Primal diet is similar to Paleo diet, the caveman diet and also something that is called a Neanderthal diet. The primal diet food list is what we will be dealing with, however we need to know how this diet came about.

The common thing for all these diets is the fact that we have to eat foods that would have existed during the Caveman era or for the history buffs also known as the Paleolithic era. During that time humans didn’t know anything about agriculture and there were no fridges, therefore the Paleolithic human had to hunt and gather all of his food.┬áThe consumed food was all natural and they ate only what they could find in nature. When agriculture was first discovered the diets of humans have changed drastically, continuing on with the industrial change the human diets started to include grains, sugars and a lot of processed unhealthy foods.

Most dieticians and nutritionist believe that this change in diets has lead to most of our health problems such as high blood pressure, cancer and other devastating diseases. The premise behind this pattern of thinking is that the human body is simply not made to process these modified foods, therefore the idea of eating all natural foods and calling it a Paleolithic diet came about.

The primal diet food list will include the following with some slight possible variations.


The premise of the diet is that it needs to be high in proteins and low in carbs, since sugars and high carb foods were very rare in nature during the Paleolithic times. The prime source of food for the hunters was animals, and when an animal was captured everything was utilized, from fats and organs, to regular parts that we consider as meat today. It should be clear that liver, tongue, kidneys and other organs are a must when one wants to follow this type of diet, a side note to this would be to research the amount of vitamins and proteins that liver has, and then it should be clear why this needs to be eaten. Chicken, beef, pork and turkey should be regulars on your plate, however some game animals are also allowed, such as bison, deer and others. The key component is that all the animals need to be grass fed and not raised on various hormones and non organic foods.


Almost all seafood is more than welcome when it comes to the primal diet, and no primal diet food list would be complete without seafood. Salmon, Trout and Shellfish are a must, the choice should include unprocessed, clean fish that is low in mercury. This basically means fresh fish from the sea or rivers that surround your hometown.

Vegetables and fruit

All vegetables are allowed since all of them come from nature, the ones that should be avoided are canned vegetables or canned fruit, also fruit or vegetables that were fried should be avoided. A dispute is raging when it comes to the role of the white potato in the primal diet, some claim that it should be consumed in limited quantities, while others claim that it should be avoided especially by those whishing to loose weight with this diet.

One needs to keep in mind that modern day fruit has a larger amount of sugar than the fruit of past times, therefore it should be consumed in moderation in order to keep the blood sugars stable. All type of berries, cherries, pears, apples and plums are a great choice when it comes to fruits. Fruit juices and canned fruit should be avoided since they contain large amounts of sugar.

Nuts and seeds

A large protein source disregarded by many, is the nuts and seeds category. Note that peanuts are not a part of this category since they are a legume and are therefore excluded from this list. Almonds, pecans, walnuts and others are allowed as well as some nut butters but without any sugar in them. When it comes to seeds we need to consume sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Sesame pastes can also be used, however they are rare and also one needs to keep in mind to eat the ones that contain no sugar.

When it comes to the primal diet food list, these suggestions should help you get a general idea what this diet is all about. Also if you follow this list coupled with your natural instincts, you can not go wrong.


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